Perfume Jewelry

Sinfully Delicious Perfumes 

Custom Made Artisan Perfumes and Perfume Jewelry

Welcome to Studio 3B!  Home of Sinfully Delicious Wick'd Potion Artisan Perfumes and Perfume Jewelry!

 Here at Studio 3B, You are Invited to Indulge Yourself in Luscious Aromas from Rich Chocolates and Mochas, Delicious Vanillas and Dessert Perfumes, Mesmerizing Ambers and Alluring Berries, to Dark and Sultry Temptress, and Light and Fruity Fantasies.  Featuring Sexy, Vampire, Gothic, Romantic, Fairy-Tale/Dark Fantasy, and Haunting Fragrances.  All Perfumes are One of a Kind Unique Fine Artisan Perfume Blends by Jfay, Studio 3B.  Studio 3B also features Beautiful Handmade Potion, Poison, Perfume Jewelry, Perfume Necklaces, Hand Crafted Necklaces and Rings.

The Legend of Black Moon, Coming Soon!

Jfay's Artwork has been featured on the CBS News Sunday Morning Show! 3/31/13

Jfay was featured on HGTV's That's Clever!