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About Studio 3B Sinfully Delicious and Sexy Perfumes

As Seen on HGTV's That's Clever! and Jfay's Artwork has been Featured on the CBS News Sunday Morning Show!

Get Wick'd with Jfay!  Like taking a walk on the wild side?  Get ready for an  Out of This World Sexy Fragrance Adventure!

Hello, I'm Jfay.  Welcome to Studio 3B, Home of the Sinfully Delicious  Wick'd Potion Perfumes!

I Love to Design Delicious Perfumes that will Arouse the Senses, as well as Beautiful Perfume Potion Jewelry, Necklaces and Rings.  The Sinfully Delicious Perfumes include Sexy, Vampire, Gothic, Steampunk, Fairy-Tale, Fantasy, and Pirate Themed Fragrances. 

All of  my perfumes are hand blended in small batches to ensure the best quality and aromas.  Much thought and effort are put into each batch when developing a fragrance that will enhance a mood or emotion.  Only the finest perfume oils are used as well as a specialty blended artisan alcohol perfume base with antioxidants and perfume fixatives that allow the perfumes to stay longer upon your skin.  The Perfume is not diluted with water, so you are receiving 100% fine artisan perfume at full strength.  The perfumes are tested for quality (no animal testing), only upon our willing zombies ; )  The Larger Potion Bottles of Perfumes now arrive with a Free Refill Bottle!    All Perfumes are now also available in Handy Spray Bottles.

For the Hand Adorned Potion Bottles and Necklaces: Bead sizes and colors may vary depending upon availability. Everything is Handmade to Order . Which, if you prefer a different bottle decor on any of the fragrances, you may choose which design you like best and it can be Custom Made at NO Additional Charge -- It's made just for you! Nothing sits around collecting dust -- I make everything only upon ordering -- AND I treat my Customers/Clients like Royalty!

A Brief History Note for those not familiar with my work:

I was a candle maker for 9 years, prior to getting into perfumery.  It was my work with many authors (as well as other clients such as designers, hotels, bands, etc.), which led me to blending my own scent oils to make unique aromas.  The authors, in particular, would take their candles with their signature scent blends to book signings and conventions where their fans fell in love with and requested that their unique blends be made as wearable perfumes.  After many requests I did begin doing a crossover of my fragrance blends into wearable perfumes.  I have fallen completely in love with making the perfumes and now, as you can see, am doing this full time.  I am also enjoying making the adorned potion bottles, potion necklaces, and other fun jewelry items.  During my time as a candle maker, I was fortunate to be filmed for and featured on HGTV'S That's Clever!  I've also had one of my artistic candle's featured on the CBS News Sunday Morning Show this year.  It was the March/31/13 episode. As one of my all time highlight moments, I was very humbled to have been approached by Disney to become an Official Wedding Candle Maker.

You never know what may be going on over here!  There's always something fun and new going on at Jfay's -- So please stop by and visit often!

I hope you enjoy your visit to my Perfumery and Jewelry Shop!

Wick'd Jfay, Owner/Designer

Studio 3B 

Note to International Customers -- Liquid Perfumes can only ship within the United States.  If you'd like to order empty potion bottles, regular jewelry items or solid perfumes, please contact Jfay for shipping rates to your country.  You will be sent a custom invoice for the items desired.  Thank you much!!


Houston, TX. Studio 3B Features Custom Blended Fine Artisan Sexy Specialty Designer Perfumes, Perfume Jewelry, and Hand Made Jewelry, in Vampire, Gothic, Steampunk, Dessert, Fairy-Tale, Ghostly, and Pirate Themes.  All Perfumes are Bottled in Wickedly Beautiful Decorated Potion Vial (Poison) Bottles and Perfume Potion (Poison) Necklaces. An Alternative Perfumery with Unique and Unusual Fragrances for Those with Special Tastes.  Your Personal Perfume Store for all things Fantasy.  Potion Bottles and Necklaces can be Custom Made in the Colors and Charm of your Choice (present in our inventory) at no additional fees.  Please Contact Wicked Jfay with Your Special Requests!

Made in America Baby!!!