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Bitten By Chocolate Unisex Fragrance ~ Chocolate, Cocoa and Amber Perfume

Get Bitten by Chocolate and Indulge yourself in  Rich Dark Chocolate blended with Amber, Vanila, and Musk .....  A Sensual Perfume No Immortal (or Human) Can Resist.....
 The Potion Bottles and Necklaces are adorned with Brown and Silver Beads with Silver Jewelry Wire, and feature a Vampire Fang Charm. (Necklace is 20" and complete with fastener)

Potion Bottle + Free Refill Bottle - Total Liquid Weight 1/2 oz. - $19.50 ea
Potion Necklace - Total Liquid Weight 1/8 oz - $16.00 ea

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Bitten By Chocolate is Featured in Paranormal Romance Author Gemma K. Murray's Hot New Release:

“Do you know you’ve always smelled like chocolate to me?”
I smiled broadly. “You’ve always smelled like moonlight through the red cedars. It’s the smell of darkness and light combined with the smell of the cedar trees.”
Adam stroked his hands through my hair. “You still smell like chocolate, but there is something more there now.”
“It’s called Bitten By Chocolate. It’s this perfume I wear.”
“That’s not it. You haven’t always worn the perfume. You have always smelled like the most decadent chocolate in the world.”
I smiled as he nibbled on my neck. “In order to keep your smell with me, I used to walk into the deepest heart of the forest and close my eyes. In that place and in that moment, I felt closer to you.”
Adam sighed deeply as he pulled my lips to his. “Kiss me, Luna. Welcome home a soldier.”
I took his face in my hands and looked deep into his passion-darkened eyes. “Welcome home, Adam,” I whispered as I brushed my lips across his.

Excerpt from NATURAL BORN ENEMIES by Paranormal Romance Author Gemma K. Murray featuring the BITTEN BY CHOCOLATE Wick'd Potion. You can snag your copy now at!/~/product/category=2613677&id=18412886 -- It has a Heat Level of 4 Flames, baby!!