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Welcome to the Bloody Bordello of Vampire Potions and Potion Necklaces!
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Sinfully Delicious Vampire Potions by Jfay

The Gothic Vampire Line of Wick'd Perfumes include:


All perfumes are hand blended by Jfay in small batches to ensure the best quality and aromas. Much thought and effort are put into each batch when developing a fragrance that will enhance a mood or emotion. Only the finest perfume oils are used as well as a specialty blended artisan alcohol blend which contains antioxidants and perfume fixatives that help the perfume to stay longer upon your skin. The Perfumes are not diluted with water, so you are receiving 100% fine artisan perfume at full strength. The perfumes are tested for quality (no animal testing), only upon our willing zombies.

  Perfumes in the Larger Potion Bottles now arrive with a Free Refill Bottle!


Total liquid weight 1/2 oz.

  Perfume is also available in Potion Bottle Necklaces ~ 1/16 oz. perfume.


Get Bitten by Chocolate and Indulge yourself in  Rich Dark Chocolate blended with Amber, Vanila, and Musk .....  A Sensual Perfume No Immortal (or Human) Can Resist.....
 The Potion Bottles and Necklaces are adorned with Brown and Silver Beads with Silver Jewelry Wire, and feature a Vampire Fang Charm. (Necklace is 20" and complete with fastener)

Potion Bottle + Free Refill Bottle - Total Liquid Weight 1/2 oz. - $19.50 ea
Potion Necklace - Total Liquid Weight 1/8 oz - $16.00 ea

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BITTEN BY CHOCOLATE is now featured in Paranormal Romance Author Gemma K. Murray's Hot New Release, NATURAL BORN ENEMIES.  Click Here to Check it Out! 



Is so Sinfully Wicked and Delicious that no one will be able to Resist You in Luscious, Rich Vanillas and Creme Brulee', blended with a hint of Cherry and Spice ~ You'll be on the menu as dessert! The Potion Necklaces and Bottles are adorned with Silver, Bronze, and Black beads, and feature a Wicked Charm. (Necklace is 24" and complete with fastener.)   (See Purchase Options Below.) (Bead size and designs may vary depending upon availability.)

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You are my Immortal.... Sensual Vampire Perfume with the Aromas of Luscious Black Raspberries, Vanilla, Blackberries, and Exotic Amber. Embrace your Immortality with IMMORTAL Perfume.

IMMORTAL Perfume is available in both Potion Bottles and Potion Necklaces adorned with an Ankh Charm, the Ancient Symbol of Eternal Life.

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~ VAMP ~

 This Vampire Perfume is a Mysteriously Sexy blend of Rose, Sandalwood and Exotic Spices.  No Vampire (or Mortal) can Resist........ The Potion Necklaces and Bottles are adorned in Red, Silver and Black and feature a Vampire Bat Charm. (Necklace is 24" and complete with fastener.)  (See Purchase Options Below.) (Bead size and designs may vary depending upon availability.)

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 ~ Raven's Blood ~


  You'll love this Blood Perfume.....  A very mystical unisex fragrance with a blend of Patchouli, Exotic Spices, and Hint of Spiced Apple and Honey.  Raven's Blood is Available in Potion Bottles and Potion Necklaces.  The bottles are adorned with Red and Black Beads and feature a Raven Charm.  The Necklaces are 24". 

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~ ETERNALLY YOURS, Unisex Potion ~ 

 May Your Passion Burn Forever, with Eternally Yours.

Eternally Yours is Filled with the Alluring Aromas of Burning Embers, Spices and Sandalwood.  The Potion Bottles are adorned with a beautiful black pewter cross with an oxidized finish.  (Unisex Fragrance)  Your Potion Bottle arrives with a Free Refill Bottle!  (Total liquid weight 1/2 oz).  Potion Necklaces are also available upon request, and can be ordered below.
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Men's Fragrance

 A Spicy yet Soothing Men's Fragrance with Fir, Clove, Sage, Eucalyptus and hints of Citrus. The Potion Bottles are adorned in Black and Green and feature an Eagle Claw Charm.  (Bead size and designs may vary depending upon availability.)



Inspired by Author Bekki Lynn




 Wick'd Potions by Studio 3B

Wick'd Potion Ingredients: Perfume Oil, Artisan Alcohol Blend
Potion, Poison, Medicine Bottles and Potion Perfume Necklaces filled with Wicked Vampire Potions, Sinfully Delicious Perfumes. 100% fine undiluted Artisan Designer Perfumes by Wick'd Jfay.
  Caution: Product Side Effects may Include - Euphoria, Enlightenment, Masking of Odors, Olfactory Orgasms, and the Urge to Buy More. Please Seek your Scentologist Jfay if Any or All Side Effects Occur to Order More.  ^..^


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