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I am happiest when I am able to bring a bit of happiness to others' lives.  I'd like to share some of my favorite notes and pictures from people who have been kind enough to take the time to express their gratitude and show how they are enjoying their Wick'd Perfumes and Jewelry. 

We got our wonderful fragrances and jewelry today from Wick'd Potions and Jewelry by Studio 3B! Thank you so much Wickd Jfay!!! Everything is AWESOME!!! I have several of Jfay's fragrances and they are delicious and super long lasting. I have people stop me and ask what I'm wearing. The packaging, charms and jewelry also make them beautiful gifts.

Jo Jo  Owner/Designer

Jo Jo of Wearing her Personalized Eddie Necklace!

Hi Jo Jo!!   Hi Eddie Munster!!

Stop by and see them at!

"Orgasma immediately made me smile. This scent is deliciously sexy and will drive your man to the brink of grabbing you very close. Beware, his nose might just jump off of his face and attach itself to you...LOL. This is a sexy mouth watering scent. Jfay's customer service is spectacularly awesome. I have literally purchased 3 times in less than 7 days...that is how great these scents are. Shipping is UBER FAST!"

Donice, Studio 3B Etsy Customer

Orgasma is my favorite summer time scent now. Yay!  I'm so excited to smell good for the summer.  Your scents last forever when others do not.  So much better than store bought!

Kristal Vaught-Preston
Always Young Skin Care

Note:  Always Young Skin Care is now also carrying a line of Studio 3B's Wick'd Potion Perfumes on their site!

Wick'd Giveaway Winner Kathy Nigro wearing her Silent Beauty Potion Necklace!  

Thank you. Thank you. I love everything. It's wonderful and so different!  I will have to order some of that Sexy Bomb. Also large bottle to refill my necklace. The art work mouse pad is beautiful. You are wonderful. Fyi mailman survived. Worked 12 hours today so couldn't greet him.   Kathy

My Dearest Jfay ,
You always thank me for modeling your product line and supporting it. However it is you my darling that I owe the "Thanks” to. You brought something out in me that I longed for; something I didn't know still was alive in my soul. Confidence! Something I am sure most women have lack of , But your spirit , your love and the opportunity to get all dressed up to release my inner goddess allowed my light to shine. Certainly the perfume is amazing and just the smell of it, makes me feel sexy. But you’re more than your product. You give women confidence to find their inner goddess, to believe that we are all beautiful and we all have it inside our soul we just need to find it again. So the true thank you goes to you my dear. For I am just a picture, but your love brought that picture back to life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart I am forever thankful.................

Love you always,

(Note from Jfay:  This sweet lady began as a client, and now has become a dear friend and has honored us with being the Wick'd Model for the Sexx Bomb Collection.  Much love to you Jodie xoxo)

" I have to tell you I was being naughty yesterday. I went to the store to look at perfume (don't hit me), but you have spoiled me rotten! There is nothing out there that I even care about anymore! LOL Not one of the scents I tried came close to being as decadent and sexy as yours.

Author Gemma K. Murray

**Note from Jfay:  Author Gemma K. Murray has truly honored me by writing one of my Potions, BITTEN BY CHOCOLATE, into her latest Paranormal Romance, NATURAL BORN ENEMIES.  I have her book posted here for you to read one of the excerpts as well as order an e-copy for yourself, and of course snag some BITTEN BY CHOCOLATE to wear while enjoying your read!  Click Here!

My nieces got Wick'd gifts ( from their coolest aunt, of course! )  Angela Lauck
I love my earrings! ; ) Thank You Wick'd xoxo  Angela Lauck

I just received my Strawberry Strip tease today!!  What can I say, I absolutely love, love, love it!!! I have to be honest, my husband loves that "stripper smell." Idk why but, he says it smells like strawberries & candy...& VERY SEXY. Well I have looked, tried, & purchased scents FOREVER trying to find "that scent." & I have found it!! It is delicious!! It is a dead ringer, in a very sexy, sophisticated way. I will definitely be purchasing more, & trying different scents along the way. Wick'd Jfay at Studio 3B knows exactly what she is doing.  LayLaLa Steele (Etsy Customer)

I loved the necklace as much as I knew I would. I love the design! The price was great, delivery quick and customer service was exceptional. It is a wonderful store!! Highly recommend.  jabbetrwoncky (Etsy Customer)

 I never liked perfume before and they usually mess with my breathing, but not your yummy scents.  They're so addicting.   I've had chronic asthma since I was 12 and it's triggered by all kinds of things very easily - dust, pollen, pet dander etc, so for me to be able to enjoy your perfume is pretty incredible.  Artist Jay Luna, Planet Houston TV.

Thought you might like this. the rings and perfume came yesterday. I love the rings they are so me haha and the perfumes smell amazing :-)  I still have my spider candle can't bring myself to burn it!!!  Sarah Nolan, Ireland

All of my goodies arrived PLUS some:) I'm going to post pictures later. OMG! I LOVE the necklace & the earrings!!!! Thank you so much! Plus the extra bottle of Twisted Rage. And the samples of Magic Potion and Lavender Liason! I won't get started on how delicious Bitten By Chocolate smells. You, my lovely, are awesome! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Have I mentioned how much I adore you?  It's a GREAT weekend! And it all started when I listened to a friend and placed an order for a wicked potion! You bless my life!  Author Gemma K. Murray
Metallic Red tips for a Bloody Valentine's and my Sinfully Delicious Poison ring made up with Love from Wickd Jfay ♥ From Wick'd Model, Courtney Cupcake Sinnful
I got them Saturday, and my God, it smelled SOOOOOO good!!!! Good enough to
drink actually! LOL. You did an awesome job with that fragrance, and the
necklace looks so cute!!! I think I'll have to order the regular sized bottle
down the road. De-licio...
us!!  Author Cinsearae Santiago ~


 I LOVE it! :D I gave my samples to my mom, sister, and niece and they LOVE it too. My husband won't stop sniffing me. ;) Thank you so much,Author BellaDonna Drakul ~ 


I just came in to tell you it came today. I don't know if I can wait until Sunday to give it to him. I've been wearing the vanilla and creme brulee - I love it. It's soft and feminine without being over powering. Thank you so much!
Author Bekki Lynn ~
Got my package today!  Everything looks great, as usual, and Lavender Liaisons smells even better than I expected it to.  I don't know how you do it, but I'm glad you do.  Author Kayleigh Jamison