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Wick'd Fairy-Tale Potions and Perfume Jewelry


~ Mystical and Magical Fairy-Tale Perfumes ~

The Fairy-Tale Line of Potions Include:


 All perfumes are hand blended by Jfay in small batches to ensure the best quality and aromas.  Much thought and effort are put into each batch when developing a fragrance that will enhance a mood or emotion.  Only the finest perfume oils are used as well as a specialty blended artisan alcohol blend that is skin safe that help the perfume to stay longer upon your skin.  The Perfume is not diluted with water, so you are receiving 100% fine artisan perfume at full strength.  The perfumes are tested for quality (no animal testing), only upon our willing zombies.  Perfume arrives in (2) 2 dram potion bottles -- One decorated, and one free refill. Also arrives with (2) cork stoppers for display. (The screw top lid bottles (as pictured below) are no longer being used for perfume refills). Total liquid weight 1/2 oz.  The Fairy Tale Perfumes are also available in Potion Necklaces, 1/8 oz.

  Perfumes in the Larger Potion Bottles now arrive with a Free Refill Bottle of Perfume for Refilling your Decorated Bottle!


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Dangerously Delicious Fragrance of Dark Rich Chocolate and Luscious Red Cherries with a Sprinkling of "Magical" Spices ..... RED VELVET is inspired by Author Dorlana Vann's latest book, SILVERWEED, her take on the original Little Red Riding Hood story and goodies taken to grannies house, but this time it is not your familiar tale in the least, and there be Werewolves in these woods......

Beware the wolf when you're wearing RED VELVET.....

 Click Here to Experience RED VELVET for Yourself, If You DARE......







Or you'll soon be lured in by BLUEBERRY SPELL, an enchanting blend of luscious Blueberries and Vanilla, with a hint of Blackberries and Amber. 

BLUEBERRY SPELL was inspired by Author Dorlana Vann's Supernatural Fairy-Tale BLUEBERRY EYES, a wicked re-take on the familiar Hansel and Gretel tale.

The BLUEBERRY SPELL Potion Bottles and Necklaces are adorned with blue and white beads and feature a Magic Wand Charm. (Bead designs and sizes may vary due to availability).  Each arrives with a blue pull-tie gift bag (as pictured above).


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FAIRY CHIFFON is indeed a magical treat with the soft and delicious aroma of Lemon Chiffon, a beautiful blend of Lemon and Vanilla. 

The FAIRY CHIFFON Potion Bottles and Necklaces are adorned with green and white beads and feature a Fairy Charm. (Bead designs and sizes may very upon availability).  Each arrives in a white pull-tie bag (as pictured above.)


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MAGIC POTION, a magickal blend of Blueberry, Mulberry, Black Cherry, and Clove.

The MAGIC POTION Bottles and Necklaces are adorned in Black, Purple, Blue and White Beads and feature a "Magic" Charm.  Bead sizes and designs may vary upon availability.  Each arrives with a blue pull-tie bag (as pictured above).

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 Don't mess with this fierce fairy!  The CHERRY FAIRY Potion ROCKS!!  It is an Irresistible Blend of both Red and Black Cherries Enchanted with Pomegranate.

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Wick'd Potions by Jfay are a Studio 3B Product Designed by Wick'd JfayWick'd Potion Ingredients:Perfume Oil, Artisan Alcohol Blend
Potion, Poison, Medicine Bottles and Potion Perfume Necklaces filled with Wicked Fairy Tale Potions, Sinfully Delicious Perfumes.