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Gothic Steampunk Perfumes

Mmmmm......  This Perfume Definitely Lives up to its Name......


Envelope yourself in the most Delicious Aroma of Luscious Cupcakes iced in Rich, Creamy Icing, and Sprinkled with Sugar.... You will not believe how Sinfully Delicious this Cupcake Dessert Perfume really is!

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A Unisex Aroma, Available in Potion Bottles and Potion Necklaces.

HAUNTING PRESENCE Envelopes the Essence of Ghostly Apparitions with the Hauntingly Eerie Aromas of Melting Amber, Blackberries, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Patchouli, and Musk.

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Fallen Angel Perfume

You'll experience a bit of heaven yourself when you indulge in this very beautiful perfume that is a blend of Rich Creme,  Warm and Fragrant Honey, with an added hint of Spiced Cherry.

The Fallen Angel Potion Bottles and Necklaces are adorned with brass,black, and white beads and feature a Fallen Angel Charm.   The larger Potion Bottles now arrive with a Free Refill bottle of the Fallen Angel Perfume!

 Inspired by Karen Michelle Nutt's Fallen Angel Series

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Lavender Liaison Perfume

Lavender Liaison is a very lovely perfume that combines the lovely aroma of Lavender with sumptuous Blackberries blended with melted Amber, on a background of Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Musk.  The Lavender Liaison Potion Bottles and Necklaces are adorned with blue and black beads and feature a lovely Fan Charm.  The larger Potion Bottles now arrive with a Free Refill bottle of the Lavender Liaison Perfume! 
Inspired by Author Kayleigh Jamison's Regency Romance, Reckless Liaisons
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Silent Beauty Perfume

Feel Beautiful wearing Silent Beauty, a very lovely Fragrance of Black Raspberries, Violet, Vanilla, Apple and Black Currant. 

Silent Beauty is available in Potion Vials and Necklaces that are adorned in white and blue and feature a lovely Star Charm.

(Necklace is 24" and complete with fastener.)   The larger Potion Bottles now arrive with a Free Refill Bottle of Silent Beauty Perfume!  

 Inspired by Romance Author Candace Bowen Early's A KNIGHT OF SILENCE

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Wick'd Potions are a Studio 3B Product  Designed by Wick'd Jfay
Wick'd PotionIngredients:  Perfume Oil, Perfumers Alcohol
Potion, Poison, Medicine Bottles filled with Sinfully Delicious Designer Artisan Perfumes.