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Perfume Spray Bottles ~ You Can Now Purchase Your Favorite Wick'd Potions in Spray Bottle Form!  Please Visit the New Studio 3B Store!

Perfume Spray Bottles are Now Here!!  You can purchase an empty Spray Bottle for the Potions you already have, or filled with your favorite Wick'd Potion!  Below is a listing of the Wick'd Potions to choose from.  Total Liquid Weight = 1/8 oz.  These are perfect for toting in your favorite tote!
All perfumes are hand blended in small batches to ensure the best quality and aromas. Much thought and effort are put into each batch when developing a fragrance that will enhance a mood or emotion. Only the finest perfume oils are used as well as a specialty blended artisan alcohol blend that is skin safe that help the perfume to stay longer upon your skin. The Perfume is not diluted with water, so you are receiving 100% fine artisan perfume at full strength. The perfumes are tested for quality (no animal testing), only upon our willing zombies ; )

Wick'd Potion Perfumes feature Gothic, Vampire, Fantasy, Fairy-Tale, Sci-Fi, Pirate Fragrances.  Wick'd Potions are available in Decorated Potion Bottles, Potion Necklaces, and Spray Bottles.