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Shadow Candle

What Secrets Does The Shadow Candle Hold?

The FLICKER SHADOW CANDLE has been brought to life by Candle Artist Jfay and is scented in SHADOW SPIRIT, a haunting fragrance of Sandlewood, Ginger, Apple, Sage, and Citrus.

Shadow Candle 3X8 = $20.00 ea.

The cavern in which she enters has a niche filled with a large stack of candles. Somehow she suspects, it all has something to do with her mother who makes candles as a hobby.

Automatically, she pulls one conveniently placed candle from the pile. She stands it upright on an adjacent block of stone. From the pocket of her robe, she produces a lighter and sets fire to the wick.

Resulting shadows flicker the wall. The candle shimmers in distorted light and darkness to ? quite miraculously ? seem to assume human form: a girl, no older than Melissa, with long dark hair. She wears a long blue robe. Her mouth moves, but there?s no sound.


by Internationally Best Selling Author William Maltese


The Battle Has Begun..... 


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