Looking to buy the best 3D printer? If so, you should know who the top manufacturers are. Below is a list of the top 5 leading 3D printer manufacturers

Arcam burst into the 3D printing scene in 1997. With its pre-processor software and advanced additive manufacturing techniques, Arcam has emerged as one of the leading technology provider in Additive Manufacturing. This fast growing company has 80 installations spread across the globe, and uses technologies like Electron Beam Melting, MultiBeam and Vacuum technology and the platforms like EBM Build Assembler, EBM Control Software and EBM LogStudio for shaping fully dense metal parts.

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The EBM process involves manufacturing parts by melting metal powder layer-wise. This gives shape to functional metal parts, which can then be used for operations. At present, it is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, Sweden. The Arcam systems are much sought-after for aerospace and implant applications.

One of the market leaders in 3D printers, Dimensions offer rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing services. The Elite 3D printer of dimensions provides finer layer resolution that lets you create the most detailed 3D models. It helps you cut the frills in the design processes by driving out large pieces at amazing speeds while saving on a lot of time.

A popular animated short film, Back to the Start, used Dimension 3D printer to create characters under tight deadlines. The actuators manufacturers QTRCO also acquired the services of Dimension and with the help of its 3D printers, it brought down the cost of demonstration of its new product, F-Series Flat Yoke Actuator, by 78%.

3D Systems
Headquartered in Rock Hill, South Carolina, 3D Systems ranks amongst the biggest players in the 3D printing technology. It has added newer dimensions to the 3D printing technology by introducing number of innovations in the technology. Founded by Chuck Hull in 1986, it is credited for innovating Stereolithography and the STL file format.

The ProJet series printers and ZPrinters series of 3D Systems have been winner all the way. The company has its customers in more than 80 countries and it recently opened a 17,000-square-foot 3D Systems University. 3D systems recently acquired its RenShape stereolithography print materials and Digitalis rapid manufacturing 3D printer product line from the Advanced Materials Division of Huntsman Corporation for more than 40 million dollars.

Mcor Technologies
Founded in 2005, MCor has made giant strides in 3D printing space. With the newly launched product, Matrix 300+, they are trying to reach the length and breadth of the 3D printing market. The differentia of Matrix lies in its eco-friendly operation as it is the only printer that uses paper and water-based adhesive as inputs to the printing process.

In order to make 3D printing accessible to everyone e.g. through use of 3D drawing pens, MCor technology is has introduced a three year plan wherein Matrix 300 3D can be bought at the price starting at £7,500. For this period, customers get a free machine and they can print as much as they desire to. MCor Technologies bagged the LCEB award for Best Innovator Company for 2006 & 2007.

The global market leader in advanced, inkjet-based 3D printing systems, Objet develops 3D printers for automotives, architecture, etc. The Objet Studio and CAD to STL software have helped Objet make inroads into a wide band of industries. Objet High Temperature Material (RGD525) is an innovation that can pave way for embedding the thermal functionalities and capabilities into the dimensional components, thus improving the stability. Objet has made 3D printers available in the form of very economical desktop 3D printers for amateurs to industrial-level multiple-layered machines for highly experienced professionals and large-scale companies. Objet Eden260V 3D Printer was listed in the “Best of the Best Products” list in 2011 issue of Readers’ Choice.

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